Fr. Joseph Roesch, Rome: A Pilgrimage with Mary

Doug Keck of EWTN Bookmark talks with Fr. Joseph Roesch, M.I.C. on-location  in Rome about a unique coffee table book illustrated with breathtaking photos of Marian shrines, churches, grottoes, and fountains. Fr. Roesch wrote the copy, and Joan Lewis contributed the Foreword, while over 150 pages of color photography are the work of Felix Carroll.  Their combined efforts make Rome: A Pilgrimage with Mary, a source of inspiration to anyone who picks up the book. This is the second in a series of Marian pilgrimages by Fr. Roesch; the first was on Fatima, and the third will be on Lourdes.


Abby Johnson, Unplanned

To many Christians, Abby Johnson is the face of the pro-life movement.  The director of an abortion clinic, she walked out its door and never returned, after being present at an abortion. Writing Unplanned was a way of healing that past, Abby explains to EWTN Bookmark host Doug Keck, and of revealing to the public what really goes on, behind the scenes, in an abortion clinic, and in the abortion industry. Doug and Abby also discuss the newly released movie Unplanned, and the challenges its directors faced in making the film.

Dr. Edward Sri, No Greater Love: a Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion

No Greater Love, by Dr. Edward Sri, is “…a walk with Jesus from Gethsemane to the Cross,” the author explains in an EWTN Bookmark interview with host Doug Keck. “Every word is charged with great meaning: No Greater Love shows how the prophecies of the Old Testament and the climatic events of the New Testament are in perfect harmony and syncopation.” In Dr. Sri’s book, we experience and appreciate God’s amazing love for us. No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion brings to life  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s thought, “God is a lover with all the passion of a true love.”

Jason Craig, Leaving Boyhood Behind

Jason Craig, co-founder of Fraternus. net, joins Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark to lay out the principles of Leaving Boyhood Behind: Reclaiming Catholic Brotherhood. “Boys must be initiated into authentic masculinity, the theme of the Rites of Passage mini-series and DVD for EWTN,” Jason explains to Doug. “The reason for the crisis in masculinity is because boyhood hasn’t been left behind.” “Mothers as well as fathers should read this book,” Doug observes. “While mothers can’t give masculinity, they have a definite, important role to play in a boy becoming a man.” Both Leaving Boyhood Behind and the DVD, Rites of Passages, are available from

Fr. Donald Haggerty, The Contemplative Hunger

Fr. Donald Haggerty, spiritual director for St. Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity,  joins Doug Keck on the EWTN Bookmark set to discuss The Contemplative Hunger. “You don’t have to be a cloistered priest or nun to be a contemplative,” Fr. Haggerty explains. “Contemplation is simply a response to a deep attraction to God. When we are drawn to seek God in quietness and prayer, we’re on the path to contemplation.” “This is a serious, but entirely accessible book on prayer,” Doug comments. “We’re all called to prayer; with Fr. Haggerty‘s The Contemplative Hunger guide, we can feel confident that we’re on the way.”

Fr. Donald Haggerty, Contemplative Provocations

If you take God seriously, you want a deeper relationship with Him, but how does that happen?  In Fr. Donald Haggerty‘s Contemplative Provocations: Brief, concentrated observations and aspects of a life with God, we learn that it is God’s nature to be hidden. “Perhaps Jesus loved the game of hide-and-seek as a child,” Fr. Haggerty shares with Doug Keck in a fascinating EWTN Bookmark interview. “The determined seeker searches for God, as a lover searches for her beloved, knowing that God’s hiddenness is all part of the plan to draw us close to Him.”  “Contemplative Provocations, a must-read for anyone taking the next step to God,” Doug comments.

Fr. Donald Haggerty, Conversion: Spiritual Insights into an Essential Encounter with God

Conversion is not about the road to conversion, but about the after-effects of serious conversion, such as a hunger for prayer, a love of the Eucharist, a passion for God,”  Fr. Don Haggerty explains. There is an important chapter in Conversion: Spiritual Insights into an Essential Encounter with God, about the second deeper conversions God gives, perhaps in marriage, or in religious life. Fr. Haggerty emphasizes that he’s written this book for everyone, not just those living a cloistered life. “Deeply spiritual,” EWTN Bookmark host Doug Keck adds, “but accessible to everyone – religious or laity.”