Debbie Georgianni and Jerry Usher, Take 2 Real Life Stories: Loved Ones Who Left the Faith

Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni are the hosts of EWTN Radio‘s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie. But today, we see them as well as hear them: on EWTN Bookmark with host Doug Keck! As Debbie explains it, “The number one prayer intention of our listeners, was for loved ones to come back to the Faith.  Touched by this, we began collecting our listeners’ stories, and came up with twelve, including Jerry‘s, to share in a book, Take 2 Real Life Stories.”  Doug observes that Jerry and Debbie wanted their listeners, and all EWTN viewers, “to take heart from these stories, to know they are not alone, and to perhaps learn from the experiences of others who pray for their loved ones’ conversion and return to the Church.” In Take 2 Real Life Stories, millennials both profit from the wisdom of baby boomers, and offer answers that their elders accept and appreciate. For a copy of Take 2 Real Life Stories, go to

Clemens Cavallin, On the Edge of Infinity: a Biography of Michael D. O’Brien

In an EWTN Bookmark episode on-location from Rome,  host Doug Keck  talks with Clemens Cavallin, author of the Michael O’Brien biography, On the Edge of Infinity. “It was a great privilege to interview and work with one of the great contemporary Catholic novelists and Christian artists of our time,” Cavallin comments.   “I particularly gained deep insights into Michael‘s struggles in his earlier years with his art, at a time when the world was becoming ever more secular.” Cavallin was also granted access to the author’s diaries, which chronicled his interior spiritual life, moments of despair, and moments of mystical dreams,  all permeated with O’Brien’s signature Irish humor.” On the Edge of Infinity: a Biography of Michael D. O’Brien, is available from

Dr. Ray Guarendi, Raising Upright Kids in an Upside-Down World

“The more moral & traditional you want to raise your child,” observes psychologist Dr. Ray Guarendi to Doug Keck on EWTN’s Bookmark, “the more hostile the culture will be to you. While you can’t totally prevent the onslaught,” says the host of EWTN‘s Living Right with Dr. Ray, “it’s your job to protect your children from what you can.” In Dr. Ray‘s new book, Raising Upright Kids in an Upside-Down World, you’ll learn how to make your voice louder than the world’s voice, because “even one voice is strong in a hostile world.” Raising Upright Kids in an Upside-Down World is available from

Mass Adoration Companion, Vinny Flynn and Erin Flynn

Join Vinny Flynn and his daughter Erin on EWTN Bookmark as they talk with Doug Keck about their new Mass and Adoration Companion. The small leatherette volume is “not only for Mass and Adoration,” Vinny tells Doug, “but for any time we want to draw closer to the Lord. After all, our prayers and our Masses are not about obligation, they’re about being with Someone.” Erin Flynn feels that the Mass and Adoration Companion allows us to enter more completely, more fully into the celebration of the Eucharist. The litanies and novenas in the back of  Mass and Adoration Companion add special helps in getting to know the Lord more intimately.

Fr. Joseph Roesch, MIC, France: A Pilgrimage with Mary

“With France: A Pilgrimage with Mary, published by Marian Press and available from, Fr. Joe Roesch and photographer Melanie Williams  have outdone themselves,” EWTN Bookmark host Doug Keck comments. Vicar General of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Fr. Roesch undertook this pilgrimage last summer, visiting nine sites of Our Lady’s apparitions in France. “As with the other pilgrimages we’ve taken, to Fatima and to Rome,” Fr. Roesch tells Doug, “the Blessed Mother is evangelizing her children: she’s calling us back from sin, sorrow, and neglect of the sacraments. Our Lady never gives up on us, working tirelessly to get us to Heaven.” France: A Pilgrimage with Mary, is a beautiful armchair pilgrimage experience, which you’ll want to take up again and again.

Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman

What sets a Catholic gentleman apart from other men? Plenty, Sam Guzman, author of The Catholic Gentleman: Living Authentic Manhood Today, tells Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark. With so many messages from our culture about what it means to be a man today, Guzman’s book addresses the teachings of what the Catholic Church says about manhood. Growing in virtue and laying your life down for others are what true gentlemanliness is all about. It’s all here, packed into 32 short chapters and all of them page-turners, Doug comments.  The Catholic Gentleman: Living Authentic Manhood Today is available from

Michael Patrick Barber, Salvation

Michael Patrick Barber joins Doug on EWTN Bookmark to talk about something Catholics don’t usually talk about – salvation! While Catholics say, “For us men and for our salvation…” at every Mass, Barber comments, Catholics tend to talk about going to heaven. “Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know is all about the transformative power of grace in the here and now,”  Barber continues. “Being freed from damnation is part of it, but salvation is more than that. It’s being freed from sin even in this life and becoming like Christ so that we can love as Jesus loves us.” The  message of this episode’s  Bookmark: Think God doesn’t love you any more? Think you’ve sinned too much? “Do yourself a favor,” Doug Keck concludes. “Read Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know; find it on