How Islam Led Me Back to Christ

Charbel Raish, Director of Parousia Media in Sydney, Australia, joins EWTN Bookmark‘s Doug Keck to discuss How Islam Led Me Back to Christ: My Conversion Testimony. The son of devout Catholics, Charbel nevertheless fell away from his childhood upbringing, and was on the point of giving his life to Allah and Muhamed when he was ordered by his mother to go to church and ask God if His wish were that he become Muslim. The answer, and much more, is in Charbel‘s amazing account of all that God has done in his life. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss, and How Islam Led Me Back to Christ: My Conversion Testimony is available from

Chuck Neff, The Deal

Chuck Neff’s The Deal is the ‘tense, tumultuous, very Catholic’ story of a fellow visiting his hometown for a weekend, to figure out how he’ll tell his wife that he wants a divorce. Chuck wrote it, he shares with EWTN Bookmark host Doug Keck, because he wanted married couples to know how important they are to each other, to their families, to the Church, and to God. “The Deal lets people know that they are not alone, that their hard times are experienced by every couple who has ever been married, that they need to fight for their marriage, and that they need to remember the wedding vows they made to each other on the day of their marriage. Pick up your copy of The Deal, by Chuck Neff, at

James Day, Saint Michael the Archangel

From EWTN’s West Coast studios, James Day joins EWTN BOOKMARK host Doug Keck to talk about his newest book, Saint Michael the Archangel. Day has been interested in and fascinated by Saint Michael since childhood, having been baptized and confirmed in Saint Michael Church in Independence, Ohio. “We live in an age where the battle lines are drawn between good and evil,” says Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., author of Christ vs. Satan in Our Daily Lives. “In this multidimensional work,” Fr. Spitzer continues, “Day builds the foundation for devotion to this great archangel who truly does defend us against Satan when we ask.” Copies of Saint Michael the Archangel are available from

Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, Understanding Divine Mercy

Fr. Chris Alar, priest with the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception and Director of the Association of Marian Helpers in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, joins Doug on EWTN Bookmark to discuss Understanding Divine Mercy.  Pope St. John Paul II brought St. Faustina’s revelations of Our Lord to the attention of the Catholic world in the mid-1990s, and often said that “There is nothing that man needs more than Divine Mercy.”  Fr. Chris explains what Divine Mercy is, what Our Lord’s appearances to a little Polish nun in the 1930s were all about, and what the extraordinary promise that Jesus offers us on every Divine Mercy Sunday means.       


Dr. Thomas W. McGovern, What Christ Suffered: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Passion

What Christ Suffered: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Passion explores the physical sufferings – the bloody sweat, the scourging, and the crucifixion – that Our Lord was subjected to on Good Friday, and has been described as the most accurate assessment to date of the agony Christ endured for our redemption,” EWTN Bookmark‘s Doug Keck comments to author Dr. Thomas McGovern. “I wrote this book,” Dr. McGovern answers, “to share the what Christ suffered for our salvation, and how we can learn to suffer better, ourselves. Possibly the most important finding,” Dr. McGovern posits, “is that it would have been impossible for Christ, or indeed for any crucifixion victim, to die by suffocation.” Copies of What Christ Suffered: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Passion are available from

Dr. Thomas W. McGovern, What Christ Suffered: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Passion

Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, MFVA, presenter, My Life with Mother Angelica

Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, EWTN’s Chaplain, talks with Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark about My Life with Mother Angelica, written by Sister Mary Raphael, PCPA. In Fr. Joseph’s words, the book “really captures the early spirituality of the Sisters – their simple joy and their faith, including wonderful pictures of their life in Birmingham in the 1980s. The beginnings of the monastery and the network are all in here.” “How much trust Mother put in the Lord, is here, too,” Doug comments, “with one foot in the air, and a queasy feeling in her stomach.” A step in faith, trusting that God would provide, is what My Life with Mother Angelica is all about. “Trust Him more. That’s the one lesson God taught Mother Angelica,” Fr. Joseph summarizes. Copies of My Life with Mother Angelica are available at

Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, MFVA, presenter, My Life with Mother Angelica

Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, MFVA, presenter, A Holy Hour with Mother Angelica (English and Spanish editions)

Fr. Joseph Wolfe MFVA, Chaplain of EWTN, opens this interview with Doug Keck of EWTN Bookmark by remembering, “In 1988, we didn’t have the televised Mass, we had no live devotions, and so Mother’s Holy Hour was a way to engage the viewers, as they joined with her in a holy hour.” Fr. Joseph continues, “Mother would begin with a meditation on a particular spiritual topic that we should think about, or pray about, or grow in. And after the prayer petitions, Mother would offer a prayer from her heart. Thus the book is a way to pray with Mother, and spend a holy hour with her.” In going through the book, Doug says, “I found that you could really hear Mother’s voice coming through the pages.” Mother Angelica was the most gifted communicator he’d ever heard, Fr. Benedict Groeschel was fond of saying. Fr. Joseph adds, “She was able to help people in their struggles, and to grow spiritually in their everyday life, in their joys and in their sorrows.” Copies of A Holy Hour with Mother Angelica, in English and Spanish editions, are available from

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.D., Real Religion: How to Avoid False Faith and Worship God in Spirit and Truth.

Real Religion, the title of my book, is the actual worship of God,” Fr. Jeffrey Kirby shares with Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark. “False religion takes the focus off God and puts it on ourselves; basically, it’s self-worship,” he continues.  “Real Religion tries to unmask that, and to explain what true religion, praising God, adoring God, is all about. To an alarming degree,” Fr. Kirby continues, “this narcissism is becoming more and more prevalent, because we are hard-wired for worship, and if we don’t worship God, then we will worship something, or someone, else. There is no place closer to heaven on this earth, than keeling before Our Lord at the altar of sacrifice.” “While evangelization is important,” Fr. Kirby summarizes, “you cannot overcome worship with misplaced evangelization. It is not, ‘How many people can we get to come to church?’ but ‘Who are we focused upon, when we come into church?’ How are you being transformed by his grace, so that you have something to share when you leave the house of worship?” Copies of Real Religion: How to Avoid False Faith and Worship God in Spirit and Truth, are available from

Copies of Real Religion: How to Avoid False Faith and Worship God in Spirit and Truth, are available from

Past Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, These Liberties We Hold Sacred

Carl Anderson, Past Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus, talks to Doug Keck of EWTN Bookmark about These Liberties We Hold Sacred. As its subtitle, Essays on Faith and Citizenship in the 21st Century, indicates, this book is a series of talks, speeches, and essays given over the past 20 years, dealing with the intersection between Christian witness and religious liberty. “As Christians,” Carl reflects, “we are called to build a culture of life, a civilization of love. We must be engaged in this, and realize that the Church has always faced anti-Christian sentiment.” “The framers of the Constitution,” Doug adds, “understood the relationship between faith and culture. They put Freedom of Religion ahead of every other freedom in the Bill of Rights, as they understood that it was the sine qua non of every other freedom.” Copies of These Liberties We Hold Sacred: Essays on Faith and Citizenship in the 21st Century are available from

Archbishop Emeritus Charles J. Chaput, Things Worth Dying For

Archbishop Emeritus Charles J. Chaput joins Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark from Philadelphia, to talk about his latest book, Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living. “As I enter the twilight of my life and prepare for the future to come, I wanted to share thoughts on my long life of rich blessings, and to reflect on my past in connection with the years ahead, ” Archbishop Chaput says. Doug mentions one of the many remarkable quotes in Things Worth Dying For, “Science acquires knowledge faster than humanity acquires wisdom,” by Isaac Asimov. Chaput relates this to society’s experiments with genetic issues, and Catholicism’s view of God’s creation of man. The interview concludes with Doug and Archbishop Chaput’s discussion of Francois Mauriac’s observation: “Anyone who has truly known God can never be cured of him. ” Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living is available from