Michael D. Greaney, Ten Battles Every Catholic Should Know

Michael D. Greaney joins Doug on EWTN Bookmark for a fascinating in-depth discussion of Greaney‘s new book, Ten Battles Every Catholic Should Know. Focusing on the incursions into Europe by the Ottoman Empire from about 1000 – 1600 A.D.  Greaney‘s work highlights the two completely different outlooks of the peoples of this era:  the Turkish system (conquest for profit, to drive the economy); and the European system (promotion of productivity and productive lives).  Doug points out Ten Battles’ relationship to the West’s dealing with today’s Islamic threat : “The book’s theme is that peoples are much less likely to initiate battles of conquest, if they can be induced to become owners of capital, and live full, productive lives of their own.” Ten Battles Every Catholic Should Know is available from http://www.ewtnrc.com. Look for the full episode on EWTN Bookmark later this year.

Jimmy Akin, The Bible is a Catholic Book

“I respected and accepted the Bible,” Jimmy Akin tells host Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark, “but I didn’t know how we got the Bible.” The author of The Bible is a Catholic Book says that he wanted to turn his research into an easy, accessible way for everyone to learn how God gave us the Bible, and the crucial role that the Catholic Church played in it. And that’s why, Akin finishes with a grin, “the Bible is a Catholic book!” This EWTN Bookmark episode will make you want to pick up a copy of The Bible is a Catholic Book, available from http://www.ewtnrc.com.

Jimmy Akin, A Daily Defense: 365 Days (Plus One) to Becoming a Better Apologist

Jimmy Akin joins Doug Keck and EWTN Bookmark  from Orange, California, to discuss his new book, A Daily Defense: 365 Days (Plus One) to Becoming a Better Apologist. A Daily Defense has a page a day on 365 subjects Catholics are often asked about, such as  Our Lady and the Saints, Annulments and Divorce, Purgatory, and the Real Presence of Our Lord’s Body and Blood in the Eucharist. “Each page starts with a typical challenge to the Catholic faith specifically or to Christianity in general,” Akin says. “A short explanation of the topic follows, so that when you’re challenged about it, you can respond confidently, with solid evidence.”  Doug adds that there’s a new topic for each day and the information is presented so engagingly that 18 to 80-year-olds will read and enjoy it.  A Daily Defense: 65 Days (Plus One) to Becoming a Better Apologist, available from http://www.ewtnrc.com.

Jimmy Akin, Teaching with Authority

Weekly guest on EWTN Radio’s Catholic Answers Live, Jimmy Akin brings a new book to EWTN‘s Bookmark set.  Teaching with Authority: How to Cut Through Doctrinal Confusion and Understand What the Church Really Says,  Jimmy describes as “empowering  people to understand Church documents, and often difficult concepts such as heresy or schism, for themselves.”  Don’t miss this EWTN Bookmark episode on Teaching with Authority: How to Cut Through Doctrinal Confusion and Understand What the Church Really Says. “Trust Jimmy Akin,” host Doug Keck concludes, “to give us a reader-friendly book on understanding Catholic teaching itself.” Available from http://www.ewtnrc.com.

Jeff Cavins, The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level

Biblical scholar, evangelist, and founding host of Life on the Rock Jeff Cavins joins Doug Keck on the EWTN Bookmark set to talk about his newest book, The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level. “I wanted to address the challenge that we all face as Christians; to entrust ourselves, as Pope Benedict said, to the following of Jesus. Day after day, to realize that because we’ve been chosen by Him, we are called to become like Him, and that means, to center our life around Him.”  Doug observes that “Like Peter, we have to get out of our proverbial boats, and become ‘activated,’ as your title puts it so well. ” The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level is available at http://www.ewtnrc.com. 

Debbie Georgianni and Jerry Usher, Take 2 Real Life Stories: Loved Ones Who Left the Faith

Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni are the hosts of EWTN Radio‘s Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie. But today, we see them as well as hear them: on EWTN Bookmark with host Doug Keck! As Debbie explains it, “The number one prayer intention of our listeners, was for loved ones to come back to the Faith.  Touched by this, we began collecting our listeners’ stories, and came up with twelve, including Jerry‘s, to share in a book, Take 2 Real Life Stories.”  Doug observes that Jerry and Debbie wanted their listeners, and all EWTN viewers, “to take heart from these stories, to know they are not alone, and to perhaps learn from the experiences of others who pray for their loved ones’ conversion and return to the Church.” In Take 2 Real Life Stories, millennials both profit from the wisdom of baby boomers, and offer answers that their elders accept and appreciate. For a copy of Take 2 Real Life Stories, go to wwwewtnrc.com.

Clemens Cavallin, On the Edge of Infinity: a Biography of Michael D. O’Brien

In an EWTN Bookmark episode on-location from Rome,  host Doug Keck  talks with Clemens Cavallin, author of the Michael O’Brien biography, On the Edge of Infinity. “It was a great privilege to interview and work with one of the great contemporary Catholic novelists and Christian artists of our time,” Cavallin comments.   “I particularly gained deep insights into Michael‘s struggles in his earlier years with his art, at a time when the world was becoming ever more secular.” Cavallin was also granted access to the author’s diaries, which chronicled his interior spiritual life, moments of despair, and moments of mystical dreams,  all permeated with O’Brien’s signature Irish humor.” On the Edge of Infinity: a Biography of Michael D. O’Brien, is available from http://www.ewtnrc.com.