Back to the Family: Proven Advice on Building a Stronger, Healthier, Happier Family

Dr. Ray Guarendi, popular EWTN radio and television host, asked 50 families throughout the U.S., rated ‘best all-around’ by their teachers, colleagues, and community leaders, why they were so good, and what made them that way.  Dr. Ray’s book, showcased on EWTN Bookmark, presents the voices of real people, dealing with real family problems; their responses, Doug Keck comments, may surprise you. You’ll also hear from the children in Back to the Family – and from their point of view, what worked and what didn’t work.


Three Moments of the Day: Praying with the Heart of Jesus


Do you have 3 brief moments in your day that you can set aside to hear Our Lord speaking to you? Fr. Chris Collins, S.J. draws on classic Ignatian spirituality and also devotion to the Sacred Heart to show us a simple but effective way to develop our relationship with God. 3 Moments of the Day uses our first morning thoughts, our evening reflections on the day’s ups and downs, and our encounter with Christ in the Eucharist, to guide us along the path to holiness.

Mother Angelica on Christ and Our Lady

Five of Mother Angelica’s “mini-books,” published as booklets by Our Lady of the Angels’ Monastery  in the 1970s, are now collected and brought to us through EWTN Publishing. Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, who arrived at EWTN as an engineer in 1985, talks about Mother’s weekly lessons to the employees. Fr. Joseph had wanted a closer relationship to Our Lord, the kind he saw that Mother Angelica had. Now a Franciscan priest and the network’s chaplain, Father’s insights, and these readings of Mother Angelica on Christ and Our Lady,  draw us all closer to the Lord. The wisdom and spirituality here are her original thoughts and words from over 40 years ago.


Fire From Above: Christian Contemplation and Mystical Wisdom

How do we pray more deeply ? Dr. Anthony Lilles assures us that we can cultivate the prayer of contemplation, by knowing its foundational principles, being aware of the obstacles to  spiritual growth, and setting our hearts towards achieving this aim. “Making deeper intimacy with God a priority will automatically help us find a time each day to do this,” Dr. Lilles observes in his Fire From Above  EWTN  Bookmark interview with host Doug Keck.

The Apostasy That Wasn’t: The Extraordinary Story of the Unbreakable Early Church

The age of Constantine: what happened, and what didn’t happen? Did Constantine put together his favorite set of beliefs, and declare it to be the official religion of the Roman Empire, or is that a myth? Find out in this EWTN Bookmark interview with author Rod Bennett, and host Doug Keck.

Life Everlasting: The Mystery and the Promise

Msgr. Brian Bransfield‘s  Life Everlasting began when he was ten, at a wake; the  crucifix in the white-lined casket caught his eye, and his mother would later explain, “It’s the sign of Jesus’ complete victory over death. ”  Msgr. Bransfield  lost his mother and father at an early age;  as he grew up,  entered seminary, and became a priest, he encountered death often, in funeral homes, at gravesides, and in parishioners’ home.  The stories in Life Everlasting, he shares with EWTN Bookmark host Doug Keck, teach us what those who grieve have learned, in very personal and perceptive fashion.

Crossing the Goal: A Saint Goes Marching On

Danny Abramowicz‘s life story is in Crossing the Goal. Danny wrote it, he tells Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark, to share with men the up’s and down’s of a boy from Steubenville, Ohio who grew up to play football, and whose loving wife Claudia was – and is – his everything. Don’t miss it: the interview, or the book.