The Embrace of God’s Mercy: Mother Elvira and the Story of Community Cenacolo

As Bishop Robert Baker and Albino Aragno unfold the story of Community Cenacolo  and the life of Mother ElviraEWTN Bookmark host Doug Keck remarks that she sounds a lot like another little Italian nun of humble beginnings and undaunted spirit. Bishop Baker and Albino brought Mother Elvira and members of Community Cenacolo to St. Augustine from Italy in the early 1990s. When Albino expressed his and the Bishop‘s doubts about the hard life, work, and discipline ever being successful in helping recovering drug addicts in America, with so many men drifting in and out, Mother Elvira replied, “If one American man stays, then the Italians stay!” One man did stay, and Divine Providence continues to prevail.  A great read, Doug summarizes: The Embrace of God’s Mercy: Mother Elvira and the Story of Community Cenacolo is available from

The Essential Works of Thomas More, edited by Gerard B. Wegemer and Stephen W. Smith

Dr. Gerard Wegemer joins Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark to discuss The Essential Works of Thomas More, which he and Stephen W. Smith edited. “This is the most complete view of Thomas More since 1557,” Dr. Wegemer stresses, “showing us a saint even more complex, more human, and more multifaceted than we had thought before.”  The Essential Works of Thomas More includes 20 of More’s books, 100+ letters, 300 poems, a reconstruction of his trial,  prayers and spiritual guidebooks he authored, and  Sir Thomas More by five London playwrights.  “The Essential Works of Thomas is truly your one-stop shopping for Thomas More,” Doug adds. For the supporting website with study materials, where you can also pick up a copy, go to The interview with Dr. Wegemer on EWTN Bookmark is also your one-stop shopping for the best of interviews about Saint Sir Thomas More – Don’t miss it!

Fr. Wade Menezes, C.P.M., Overcoming the Evil Within

“Sin is a reality in this fallen world,” Fr. Wade Menezes, C.P.M., says to Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark, “but an even greater reality is God’s grace and mercy.” In Fr. Wade’s new book, Overcoming the Evil Within: The Reality of Sin and the Transforming Power of God’s Grace and Mercy, we learn that Mercy is who God is, and that God is more interested in the people we can be, than in the people we used to be. “God never gives up on us,” Fr. Wade continues, “and thus we can never give sin the last word.” “Overcoming the Evil Within is a book for all of us,” Doug  says, “and a book to help us recognize how to break the power of sin in our lives. ” Fr. Wade Menezes joins Doug on an upcoming episode of EWTN Bookmark, and  Overcoming the Evil Within: The Reality of Sin and the Transforming Power of God’s Grace and Mercy is available  from

Chris Stefanick, I AM ____________REWRITE Your Name, RE-ROUTE your Life

“The words we say to ourselves every day shape our lives,” Chris Stefanick, host of EWTN’s Real Life Catholic and a guest on EWTN‘s Bookmark, shares with Doug Keck. Stefanick‘s  I AM__________________REWRITE Your Name, Re-Route Your Life  is about taking our self-talk away from the devil and putting it in God’s hands.   God’s affirming truths  replace any negative self-talk with positive, hopeful images of  how God sees us, and what good things He wants to tell us.   I AM________REWRITE Your Name, RE-Route Your Life comes with a 30-Day set of video lessons, free and available on (click on the Coaching menu when the program opens). The video lessons,  with the daily meditations in  I AM________REWRITE Your Name, RE-Route Your Life, strengthen your new life of self-talk in ways that bring you even closer to God. Catch Chris Stefanick on an upcoming EWTN Bookmark episode, and pick up a copy of I AM________REWRITE Your Name, RE-Route Your Life from 

Fr. Edward Looney, A Lenten Journey with Mother Mary

Fr. Edward Looney‘s wonderful book for Lenten study, presented on EWTN Bookmark with host Doug Keck,  helps us understand and live out the teachings of all the apparitions Our Blessed Mother has graced us with, through the providence of God. A Lenten Journey with Mother Mary recalls for us the many messages Our Lady delivered to children and adults throughout the years, from  Guadalupe to Lourdes, La Salette, Banneux and Beauraing, Fatima, Kibeho, Poland, and Champion, Wisconsin.  Fr. Looney dedicates each week of Lent to a theme from these heavenly apparitions, that we can put into action.  Fr. Looney cautions Doug, “Don’t become discouraged if you miss a day of prayer, but simply begin again. The devil does not want us to draw closer to God in prayer, or to listen to Mary, because Mary’s foot is the one that will crush the serpent’s ugly head.” For copies, please see

Fr. Edward Looney, Our Lady of Good Help Prayer Book for Pilgrims

Our Lady of Good Help Prayer Book for Pilgrims, Fr. Edward Looney says, “introduces you to the story, the message, and the significance of an American apparition site in the state of Wisconsin.” On set with Doug Keck for EWTN Bookmark, Fr. Looney, who pastors several churches in the Diocese of Green Bay, acquaints us with Adele Brise, a young woman to whom Our Lady appeared in 1859. Champion is the first approved Marian apparition in the United States (  Our Lady of Good Help Prayer Book for Pilgrims includes chapters on Understanding Champion in Light of Approved Marian Apparitions, Graces of Champion, and What to Do When Visiting the Shrine. Whether you travel to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help or use this little book as an at-home retreat,  Fr. Looney observes that your pilgrimage to Wisconsin “is only one leg of your greater pilgrimage from this life to the kingdom of heaven.” Your one-stop shopping for this and Fr. Looney‘s other books discussed on EWTN Bookmark, Doug says, is

Fr. Donald H. Calloway, M.I.C., Consecration to St. Joseph

“Not a word of St. Joseph is recorded in the New Testament,” Fr. Don Calloway observes to Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark, “and yet he has so much to teach us.”  As society plays havoc with the definition of a man, a woman, and the sacred institution of marriage, Fr. Calloway‘s new Consecration to St. Joseph is all about returning to the models Our Lord, Our Lady, and St. Joseph provide for guidance on the best, happiest way to live. Sr. Lucia dos Santos, longest-lived of the Fatima visionaries,” Fr. Calloway continues, “said that the final confrontation between good and evil would be over marriage and the familly.” Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father will help you get to know St. Joseph as a spiritual father, and heavenly protector – your copy is at, and don’t miss Fr. Calloway’s EWTN Bookmark appearance, debuting the Sunday after the Feast of St. Joseph.