Show Us the Father: Seven Secrets to Be a Father on Earth Like the Father in Heaven

Devin Schadt joins Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark to talk about St. Joseph, the hero of his newest book, Show Us the Father. Scripture records none of St. Joseph’s words, but his actions and care of the Holy Family speak volumes about his love for and protection of the Blessed Virgin and Jesus.  He is the perfect model for fathers, and Devin encourages us all to “Ite ad Josephum” – Go to Joseph! as a very present intercessor for our needs. Look for the full interview this Father’s Day.



Our Journey to God: An African Priest Explores the Power of Faith from Abraham to You

Fr. Maurice Emelu‘s spirit of evangelism is infectious! His topic on faith, in a recent interview with Doug on EWTN Bookmark,  strengthens  our own faith walk,  as we listen.  “Your perspective and your book, Our Journey to God,  are particularly valuable to us,” Doug remarks, “because they are a unique blending of African and American insights, cultures, and stories.” Fr. Emelu connects the dots between the nature of faith and the actual day-to-day living out of our faith – a most welcome interview.

Status Envy: The Politics of Catholic Higher Education

How did a preponderance of Catholic colleges and universities lose the strong Catholic identity upon which they were founded? Anne Hendershott explores this puzzlement, beginning with Georgetown University, the first Catholic college in the U.S., established to train priests and give them a stellar education.  “Most of us,” Anne says to Doug on EWTN Bookmark, “would probably blame the 60’s, but even in the 50’s, deterioration had begun. ” Status Envy traces the roots of the experiment to separate Catholic identity from the morals and Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Only time will tell, opined one reviewer of Status Envy, whether secularism or the John Paul II and Benedict XVI standard bearers triumph.

Mother Angelica’s Quick Guide to the Sacraments

On the set of Canada’s annual Walk for Life, Fr. Joseph tells Doug on EWTN Bookmark about his first encounter with Mother Angelica’s Quick Guide to the Sacraments. “I first read this as one of Mother’s mini-books, as a new employee in the 80’s,” Fr. Joseph recalls.Mother composed the books in this series, which include Christ and Our Lady, Burnout and Suffering, and Praying with Mother Angelica, on a legal pad in the Chapel. The Sisters published them as is.” “Makes sense,” Doug jokes, “The Holy Spirit doesn’t need editing.” Just a glance at the Table of Contents – To Leave and Yet to Stay, Why Do You Stay Away, Why Do You Stay Away? will whet your appetite to read the book.

Manual for Marian Devotion

Sister Joseph Andrew O.P., Dominican Sisters of Mary, joins Doug on the first half of a 2-part EWTN Bookmark episode whose theme is the Blessed Mother.  Sister’s order recently edited a beautiful Manual for Marian Devotion, to let all know of Our Lady’s tremendous significance to all Christians; her promise, as our mother, to draw us closer to Jesus; and the prayers and devotions which inspire our souls. Even its appearance – a small blue volume with a leather feel – is a tribute to, as Wordsworth called her, “Our tainted nature’s solitary boast.”

New Media and the Christian Family

Fr. Wilfred Epie Emeh begins every homily to his  Birmingham, Alabama parishioners with “God is good, all the time!” They enthusiastically respond, “And all the time, God is good!”, knowing that whatever Father shares is inspired by the Holy Spirit.    New Media and the Christian Family is the topic of his latest interview with Doug on EWTN Bookmark. Father Wilfred and  Doug compare the Christian communities and family lifestyles of Africa and America, concluding that each culture has much to learn from the actions and the examples of the other.


Abortion, Religious Freedom, and Catholic Politics

Dr. James Hitchcock, master historian and darn good storyteller, enthralls us with the intertwinings of American history and Catholic politics in the past 40  years. Catch Abortion, Religious Freedom, and Catholic Politics on an upcoming EWTN Bookmark; the dialogue between Doug and Dr. Hitchcock will leave you wondering why you heretofore considered the topic dry and dull.