A Deeper Vision: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century

Robert Royal is a well-known author, frequent guest on Raymond Arroyo’s The World Over,  and founder/editor-in-chief of the Faith and Reason Institute, from which has come his popular daily blog, http://www.thecatholicthing.org.  Discussing  A Deeper Vision with Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark, Royal characterizes the Catholic Church as ‘the most interesting, long-standing, unbroken tradition in the world,’ and wants to root for recognition of this rich 2,00-year-old treasury of art, theology, philosophy, music, and literature. A Deeper Vision is a book for all of us, Royal shares, to be read straight through, or to be dipped into for specific information on the Church’s contributions and special imprint of divine energy on everything from poetry to politics in the century just past.

Saints Who Battled Satan: Seventeen Holy Warriors Who Can Teach You How to Fight the Good Fight and Vanquish Your Ancient Enemy

Paul Thigpen is a master in unveiling the truths of our ancient foe’s battle plan against Christians. Paul joins Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark with his latest historical research into 17 brothers and sisters in Christ who fought the good fight before us, and the spiritual artillery we need in our own arsenals to do the same. A vital, comprehensive companion to Saints Who Battled Satan is Paul’s classic, Manual for Spiritual Warfare. Don’t be without either, and don’t miss Paul’s interview with Doug on a topic we ignore at our peril.

The Stories of Hymns: The History Behind 100 of Christianity’s Greatest Hymns

Hymns play a major role in  Fr. George William Rutler‘s cultural tradition; he grew up singing and playing the favorite hymns  of his parents and grandparents’ own childhood on the family piano.  Fr. Rutler now gathers a hundred of these hymns in The Stories of Hymns. Newly edited, Fr. George shares with Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark that the book’s goal is to restore attention to some of  Christianity’s finest sacred songs. We also learn a little about how each hymn came to be, and about the poets and musicians from antiquity to our day who brought them to birth.

Christian Dating in a Godless World

Fr. Thomas G. Morrow‘s Christian Dating in a Godless World counters the typical dating patterns of couples and the dating scene of the 21st century with godly, realistic advice on how to conduct successful relationships with dignity and self-respect. Want to know what love is and what it isn’t? What the unique roles of men and women in Christian dating are? How to end bad relationships quickly? Where to go to strengthen your chances of finding a good Catholic?  Doug Keck’s interview with Fr. Morrow on EWTN Bookmark has all these answers, and more.

The Woman: The Mystery of Mary as Mediatrix in the Teaching of Fulton J. Sheen

Dr. Peter Howard is the founder of Heroic Families, a family-to-family ministry, and is also the founder and president of the Fulton Sheen Society. He joins Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark to talk about Fulton Sheen’s keen Biblical insights into Our Lady’s unique relationship to Our Lord, her participation, as Scripture tells us, in the redemption of the world, and the vital role she plays in the mystery of salvation as Mediatrix.

The School of the Family: A Renaissance of Catholic Formation

Chantal R. Howard, co-founder of Heroic Families, a family-to-family ministry, shares timely wisdom about her life as a homeschooled young woman, her choice to homeschool her own children, and how the busy family life of every household can be filled with grace.  Included in The School of the Family are tips and stories about struggling to, and achieving, holiness within the home, and in growing in spirituality as husband and wife, and as a family.

Graceful Living: Meditations to Help You Grow Closer to God Each Day

Johnnette Benkovic has a new book to talk about with Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark. Graceful Living is a calendar book for the liturgical year, with passages from Scripture, the writings of holy men and women, and brief biographies of saints. Johnnette has included questions for reflections after each reading, to help the reader deeper his or her own daily walk with God.  She suggests that we use Graceful Living in our own time of prayer, say a prayer to the Holy Spirit before beginning, and know that God hears you with a ready and loving ear.