Karl Keating, Booked for Life: The Bibliographic Memoir of An Accidental Apologist

Karl Keating, prolific writer and pioneer of the modern Catholic apologetics movement, talks with EWTN Bookmark‘s Doug Keck about his latest work, Booked for Life: The Bibliographic Memoir of An Accidental Apologist. The five foundational books and 20 auxiliary books Keating talks about from his apologetics library each play a part in his development as a defender of the Catholic faith, as Karl tells Doug, “Whatever I have learned, I’ve learned from masters of the craft.”


Mary Claire Kendall, Oasis: Conversion Stories of Catholic Legends

As EWTN Bookmark‘s Doug Keck says, “Oasis – I loved it.”  Reasons you’ll love it too? Mary Claire Kendall‘s stories of such luminaries as John Wayne, Spencer Tracy, Alfred Hitchcock, and Lana Turner all experienced challenges, moral failings, family issues –  the personal joys and sorrows  of the human condition. All found the Catholic Church to be a mighty fortress of strength and truth, whether soon or late in their lives. Oasis: Conversion Stories of Catholic Legends is a wonderful read, and a great book to share with anyone on the rocky road to heaven. A unique EWTN Bookmark episode you won’t want to miss.

Steven J. Jensen, Living the Good Life : a Beginner’s Thomistic Ethics

“Many in today’s post-Christian society simply want to follow their own ideas of how life should be lived, unaware that there is a good, true, absolutely sure guidepost to right living,” Steven Jensen tells Doug Keck on EWTN Bookmark.  Jensen’s Living the Good Life: a Beginner’s Thomistic Ethics, is a study of ethics, of how the average person tells right from wrong. “Not based on opinion, ‘my truth vs. your truth kind of thinking,'”  Doug adds. “What’s good for us as human beings,” Jensen summarizes, “is to lead a morally upright life. Following these moral rules will mean living a life of love.” Don’t miss this important interview, coming on EWTN Bookmark.

Ulf and Birgitta Ekman, The Great Discovery: Our Journey to the Catholic Church

Ulf and Birgitta Ekman made a visit to Irondale, Alabama from their homeland in Sweden, to express their happiness and support of the June 8 launch of a Nordic branch of EWTN as a web channel at www.ewtn.se.

They share with EWTN‘s President and Bookmark host Doug Keck on what led them to leave a 30-year Evangelical, Charismatic ministry, and Ulf‘s position as pastor of the large Protestant church he founded, for the Catholic Church. “We grew to feel that in our serving of the Lord, that there was something missing,” Ulf explains. “We studied the tenets of Catholicism seriously, over a period of many years,” adds Birgitta. The Great Discovery : Our Journey to the Catholic Church, tells of their conversion, from both Birgitta and from Ulf‘s side. A fascinating book, and a fascinating interview.

David Anders, Ph.D., The Catholic Church Saved My Marriage

“Marriage is the most spiritually sensitive and important part of my life with Jill,” David Anders comments in his EWTN Bookmark interview with host Doug Keck.  “It’s the place where my newfound Catholic faith, as a convert, touched me the deepest.” Anders hopes that readers will take from The Catholic Church Saved My Marriage: Discovering Hidden Grace in the Sacrament of Matrimony a clearer understanding of the Catholic teachings of marriage, and how they apply to points of real marital difficulties, challenges, and sufferings, with the promise of healing and hope.

Teresa Tomeo, Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic

Is your Catholicism under wraps during your work week and home life, coming out only for Sunday Mass? Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic would have been a meaningful book some years back, author Teresa Tomeo comments, when she was strictly a Sunday Catholic. “When you have an encounter with Jesus Christ,” Teresa says, “your whole worldview changes; things like reading Scripture, daily prayer, and going to Adoration, begin permeating your life.” Both Doug and Teresa agree that “you spend time on what you love.” Teresa’s Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic and accompanying Study Guide, with author Gail Coniglio, will help your prioritize your devotion to Our Lord in wonderful ways.

Frank Hanna, A Graduate’s Guide to Life: Three Things They Didn’t Teach You at College That Could Make All the Difference

Should parents tell their college-bound students, “Enjoy your next four years;  they’ll be the best years of your life” ? No! says Frank Hanna to host Doug Keck on this EWTN Bookmark episode. Author of A Graduate’s Guide to Life: Three Things They Didn’t Teach You at College That Could Really Make the Difference, Hanna believes that education’s purpose is to create a fully realized human being who grasps reality, whose goal is to amass an abundance of happiness and blessing, and who goes to work each day with the intention of creating value for his or her employer. This book for young people is a stand-out among those they’ll receive at graduation; its teachings are for all of us. Do yourself a favor  – read A Graduate’s Guide to Life before you pass it on; you’ll thank Frank Hanna for his brevity, frankness, and solid advice.