Janet Morana, Shockwaves: Abortion’s Wider Circle of Victims

At abortion’s epicenter is the tragic death of a baby…and what of the mother, father, grandparents, friends who counseled for and against this, and even present and future siblings of the child ?  Janet Morana, bestselling author, executive director of Priests for Life, and co-host of EWTN’s The Catholic View for Women, presents a sobering, well-documented picture of the lives, besides the child’s, also adversely touched by this unspeakable horror. Even those who are solidly pro-life need to be reminded of, in Teresa Tomeo’s words, “the ferocious fall-out of a so-called ‘women’s right to choose.'” Don’t miss Janet Morana‘s episode on EWTN Bookmark with host Doug Keck, or her Shockwaves: Abortion’s Wider Circle of Victims.


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