And Mary’s Yes Continues: Religious Vocations in the New Millennium

Sister Joseph Andrew, O.P., has been Director of Religious Vocations for the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist  since its 1997 establishment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And Mary’s Yes Continues is an outreach of their 20th year anniversary, Sister explains to Doug on EWTN Bookmark. And Mary’s Yes Continues fills the void about religious life and vocations. It’s a book for everyone, then, Doug observes, from those interested in learning more about a vocational call, to moms and dads who might be clueless about what a religious call will mean to their daughter, to those wondering what community life in a convent entails. Sisters enter the convent from every walk of life, and so every chapter is the story of a  woman’s unique experience in hearing God’s call to her. An insightful, hard-to-put down read, an offering to the culture at large from the Dominican Sisters of Mary.








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