Mother Angelica’s Answers, Not Promises : Straightforward Solutions to Life’s Puzzling Problems

“Mother Angelica,” Fr. Joseph Wolfe, MFVA shares with Bookmark host Doug Keck, “understood the hearts of those who called into EWTN with problems and confusion. She created this little book to reach out to those she couldn’t counsel personally.”  In the Foreword to Answers, Not Promises,  Fr. Joseph writes that Mother was our companion in the battle for virtue. While many of our temptations may not have been hers, she had her own that she wrestled with constantly: “I know how it feels to want to throw in the towel and then regret it. I am not perfect, and …I know what you’re up against.” Fr. Joseph hopes that Answers, Not Promises will provide real answers to our real-life struggles, and be ultimately resolved in Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word.


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